Terms and Conditions

THE PHONE IC handles your data with the utmost care. We will only use the contact details to contact you regarding the repair or to inform you of new developments within it. THE PHONE IC keeps the customer’s data strictly confidential at all times.
When the agreement is complete, THE PHONE IC obtains the access code of the iPhone to be able to carry out maintenance where necessary.
THE PHONE IC will never obtain or store personal data from your device.

THE PHONE IC uses original parts as much as possible. If this is not possible, we use other high-quality parts to repair your device. We give a three to six month warranty on all our parts and repairs. It may be that we use parts that come from new or used devices. These have been extensively tested and we also give you a six-month warranty.

Compliance with terms and conditions

2.1 The conditions set by THE PHONE IC apply to every customer.
2.2 Conditions will never give way to the interests of the customer.


When the customer and THE PHONE IC come to an agreement to provide services, regardless of whether by telephone, in writing or verbally, the agreement is concluded.
The customer has the right to interrupt or change the service provided that the work has not yet started.
If the customer has possible changes or interruptions when the work has started, these must always be paid until the work has been completed.
Should the customer and THE PHONE IC have a disagreement in the course of the agreement, THE PHONE IC is authorized to retain the customer’s property until the outstanding amount has been paid by the customer to THE PHONE IC.


The parts repaired by THE PHONE IC have a 6-month warranty. This does not apply to self-made damage such as fall damage, broken screen or water damage. The battery and the LCD screen have a warranty period of 3 months because this use can be influenced.
After the repair, THE PHONE IC does not guarantee the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty and/or water resistance of your device.
THE PHONE IC is not liable for the warranty of your phone if you have tinkered with it yourself or had it made somewhere else after the repair at THE PHONE IC.


THE PHONE IC will at all times try to perform the best possible performance on your device, nevertheless THE PHONE IC cannot be held liable if the desired results are not achieved during the repair.
Where THE PHONE IC would fall short or cause other such damage to your device, THE PHONE IC will only be liable to compensate this to the amount of your invoice.

Contact details

7.1 THE PHONE IC is a company listed at the Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce number: -. THE PHONE IC has a VAT number. VAT number: -.
7.2 THE PHONE IC is located at choorstraat 23 2611JD Delft.
7.3 THE PHONE IC can be reached by e-mail at info@thephoneic.nl or by telephone at 0158894486.